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Retreats and other Gatherings

                                                  VOLUNTAS DEI RETREATS

Annually, in winter and/or spring, under different themes such as "The Word...a daily bread!" in 2022, members and affiliates of the District gather at Versant-la-Noël near Thetford Mines in Quebec and occasionally in other locations to experience strong moments of healing.

The participants taste the happiness of seeing each other again, of praying together, of exchanging, of singing, of reflecting and of nourishing their hearts with Word and Presence.

Around a few interviews, testimonies, songs, exchanges and common reflection on texts from the Word of God, the participants make their way in the company of animators, mainly Father Robert Lebel, revisiting, in the history of their lives, the stages of growth of the Word and its traces in their personal journeys. Moments of silence are precious for rest and contemplation. Finally, team sharing is particularly deep and rich.


                                                    OTHER GATHERINGS

During the pandemic, there have been virtual gatherings of all District members and affiliates. Even if the contacts between the people were obviously very different, the fact of being able to at least see and talk to each other was very appreciated.

These virtual meetings allowed presentations by speakers, consultations with members and affiliates as well as exchanges between them on subjects such as the Discernment Process which aims to reflect on the future of the District.  This very convenient virtual way of meeting members and affiliates will certainly continue after the pandemic.

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