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Our Congresses


Congresses give all the Canadian District members the opportunity to meet annually. Congresses are like a family gathering, and it is always pleasant and stimulating to see each other and fraternize. We take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate anniversaries of the priesthood, marriage, or years of membership in the institute.

Congresses also allow members to listen to the Word of God,

pray, sing, listen to conferences and testimonies, and reflect

on and talk about their spirituality and their life as Voluntas.

We also discuss matters related to the management of the


It is also an occasion for members to announce, if it is the

case, their engagements of poverty, chastity, and obedience

vows. Affiliated people also make the promise to live the

spirituality of the institute.


                     Getting together and talking about spiritual and personal accomplishments

                     or difficulties (health, family, etc.) with others gives members the necessary

                     boost to continue building peace and fraternity in Jesus Christ.


                    The congresses are also an occasion to announce the theme of the year that

                    will be studied together during the rest of year, and this is done with the help

                    of an illustrated booklet.


                    Congresses are therefore places of sharing, revitalization, motivation,

                    and training.

To see more photos &  testimonies from our congresses, please visit the following pages:
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