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Hello and Welcome

Welcome to this site of the Candian District of the  Voluntas Dei Institute!

It is a beautiful story that brings us together, sufficiently captivitingto have interested men and women wishing to deepen their way of "being" in the midst of the world, agreeing to live a daily very simple spirituality that warms the heart!

With our name “Voluntas Dei” of which we are proud, every day in our life we seek to welcome and live God’s will as best as possible, to sow around us peace and fraternity in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for visiting us with words, faces, names, places ...

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Father Marc-André Lafrenière,




Thought of the month:

The present moment is given to us to us to create miracles.  A perfect today has an impact on an unknown tomorrow and mends a flawed tomorrow.


P. Louis-Marie Parent, o.m.i