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Team Life

Fraternal life among the members of the Voluntas Dei Institute is essential. However, it’s not a  community life like that of religious communities;instead, it consists of periodic encounters that offer a privileged place for sharing, fraternizing, revitalizing, and spiritual formation.


Wishing to consecrate their lives to God in a world that is constantly changing, the members of Voluntas Dei strive to make their faith known and live as Christ did, each in accordance with his own personal traits. The team therefore offers members the occasion to discover the qualities and aptitudes of others as well as themselves, including their charisma, which they learn to share among themselves and with those they come in contact.


The diversity of our members, (priests, celibate laymen, married couples or single) is an asset that enhances the strength of our ideas, actions, and self-giving with the purpose to better serve. By preserving their jobs and profession in their home environments, Voluntas Dei members bring to life the mission of the Church in the world and can change it from the inside out.


Being part of a team requires a certain amount of human and affective maturity as well as respect for others. The relationships within our teams stimulate members to discover their solidarity in Christ with every person, especially those who are suffering and the underprivileged. Moreover, it stimulates them to work together to build a more fraternal world.

Here Are Photos of Our Teams

In the Canadian District there are about twenty teams of approximately eight members each.

They are located in

Abitibi, Beauce, Gatineau, Montreal,

New Brunswick, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Trois-Rivières, & Winnipeg.


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