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 council 2023-2027 

Fr Philippe Désiré                    Director

Fr André Côté

Assistant Director

Fr Marc Laroche



Fr Andrew P Mayer        Councillor

Jacques Théberge       Councillor



Norbert & Lorraine Thibert



Odette Degenais

District Secretary



At the 2019 Canadian District Assembly, the District management of

co-responsibility was reconfirmed. 

According to Larousse, “co-responsability  is responsibility shared among several individuals”. 

Within an organization, making the choice to govern in a shared manner implies that the individuals involved in the governance of the group are committed to a process where each one becomes jointly and in solidarity accountable for the attainment of results, and this in various contexts. This shared solidarity is so very important within the climate that goes with their co-operation.

Co-responsibility implies a high level of transparency between the members of the governing team, mutual sharing of information and the acceptance of initiatives coming from the members of the group or from one’s colleagues.

Co-responsibility leads to the moral obligation of answering for and standing behind one’s actions. If co-responsibility gives decision-making powers, it also implies that one must answer for the decisions. 


The mission of the organization remains the point around which all other responsibilities turn.

Image of coresponsibiliy

The mission always remains the central point of all of our responsibilities.

committees and their coordinators


Jacques Théberge

Catholic Conference of Secular Institutes

Father Philippe Désiré

Communications and Visibility

Norbert Thibert

Facebook - French -  Lorraine Thibert

Facebook - English - Gabriel Levesques


French - Lise Durand and Serge Granger

English - Father Gilbert Doddatto


French - Carole Lagacé and Clément Lafortune

English - Brandon Bartlett


Father André Côté


Father Marc Laroche 

Formation of candidates for ordained ministries

Father Philippe Désiré

Coordinator of services to English members

Father Gilbert Doddatto

Note: For further information regarding the responsibilities of these committees, please

          contact us.


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